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10 Advices to Sell Better

 1  The First Impression
Remember that the first impression is the main entrance of the house.
Make sure that everything is clean and repainted. You should see to the upkeep
of your lawn and garden on a regular basis. If it snowed, take off all trace of ice on
the staircases and the entrance.

 2  Let the Sunshine Comes into your House
A house with a lot of light is a mark of welcome. Open the blinds and the curtains;
the visitor will notice how bright your home is. Leave all interior and exterior lights on. 
The house will be warm-hearted and friendly.

 3  The Security above All
Make sure that the staircase is cleared and that everything is tidy; we must
avoid any accident and anything that might harm the course of good operations
during the visit.  A sale is perhaps under way…

 4  The Smallest Details are Important
Show off your property; it is a good opportunity to tidy up. Take the time
to check the functioning of doors, drawers, sliding and casement windows.
Regulate all these adjustments, your home will increase in value.
A leaking faucet let us presume a defective plumbing.

 5  Some Gentle Music
The music you like is not necessarily the one your visitor enjoy; make sure
you lower the volume of your radio and television sets. Let your Sutton real estate
agent discuss with the client in calmness, you will be surprised of the results.

 6  Beware of Dogs and Smells
Animals are the best friends of men but some people are afraid and
cannot tolerate their presence, so keep them away from them.
The smell of a good meal can give appetite, but the smell of fish can discourage. 
Don’t hesitate to light scented candles or incense,  this will create a very pleasant ambience.

 7  Too many People
Avoid having too many persons at your place during a visit; the purchasers
would have the impression to bother your family life and would tend to shorten
their visit or to miss certain important elements of your home.

 8  Let the Sutton Agent speaks, Discretion is always Appropriate
Be friendly and attentive but do not do your agent’s job. The client is there
to visit not to converse with you. Your Sutton agent knows his client’s needs
and requirements; he is in a better position than you to stress on the advantages
of your home.

 9  Do not let a Sale Falls Through
Even if the opportunity arises, do not immediately offer to sell your accessories
such as your kitchen appliances, curtains, etc. to the visitors;
remain calm and relaxed, your  Sutton agent will intervene at the right time.

10 Do not let a Sale Falls Through
Entrust your Sutton agent the task of starting the discussions with the visitor
on the selling price, the payment conditions and the date of taking possession.
Your Sutton agent is a professional and will know how to successfully
complete the negotiations, this always to your advantage.
Trust your agent.

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