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Living Surface of New  Condos :
Amazing Calculations

As regards to the dimension of condos in Quebec, the laws, the jurisprudence and the manners of doing cause more and more conflicts.

When we buy a 26 inch television set, we mean, of course, the surface of the screen not the size of the television set.  The same thing when we buy a one and a half litre soft drink bottle; it’s the quantity of liquid, not the size of the bottle.
Yet, when a promoter or a seller speaks about the dimensions of a condo, it looks like the numbers suddenly cease existing. we fall on an unknown planet, full of unpleasant surprises!

When the buyers go to the notary, they receive the official dimension with the certificate of localization. That is partly explained by the fact that the land surveyors and the building contractors do not measure the areas in the same way. The land surveyors measure the net area and the building contractors measure it roughly.  We have to be very vigilant when we buy since the measurements can vary approximately from a hundred square feet by unit.

The provincial government must update its laws as quickly as possible to clarify the rules for everybody. The legislation must provide for a more restricting system for the building contractors  on this question.

By changing and clarifying the term rough area on the purchase offers and by mentioning that this includes the outside walls, there would be already fewer litigations. The courts are not very generous when it is a question of compensating the citizens that are victims of these 'look smaller' condos..

Be careful!

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