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The Certificate of Localisation : 
An Important Document

To avoid unpleasant surprises during the sale of your home, make sure that the certificate is always valid. The certificate of  localization  proves the geographical situation of the property. It is the seller who must provide it, because he is the one responsible to demonstrate the accuracy of information concerning the property  (measurements, site, etc...)

The fact of waiting that an understanding intervenes with a purchaser (accepted promise to  purchase) can expose the seller to certain problems, such as the impossibility of delivering the property in the agreed delays. Your real estate agent as well as the notary will confirm to you that the certificate is always allowable.

Here are some examples of situations forwhich one will ask for a new certificate;
- cadastral renovation
- addition or removal of a balcony, shed, fence or swimming pool
- extension or destruction of the building

The certificates of agreement of testimonies of lots are not any more accepted.

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