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Open Houses – For or against them ?

Open house is a marketing tool which allows to increase the visibility of a property by inviting any interested person  to visit, without an appointment, during the announced period and to meet the real estate agent present on the premises.

Of course, there are always neighbours or curious persons visiting during open houses but, statistically, nearly 80 % of the visitors who make the effort to come are ready to take action  (buy/or sell) in the upcoming year. The neighbours’ visits sometimes lead to references of friends or members of their family  that otherwise  would not have had the chance to see the aforesaid property. It sometimes creates an urgent feeling on the purchasers who can feel the interest of other visitors on the premises. 

In brief, open house is an appropriate commercial practice and, in general, very positive which can be made on any property.

Your real estate agent will be able to determine with you the right moment and how to publicize.

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