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My advices…Your decision !

Choosing your real estate broker is a decision as important as taking the decision of selling your property. You need a dynamic and efficient agent who has a large bank of serious and qualified buyers.

I present you a comparative and realistic analysis which reflects the tendencies of the market and we determine a fair and equitable price together. I don’t count the hours spent on the customer's file when I have to meet his requirements and obtain for him the best expected results.

I take care of your file and the information is kept confidential and the files are kept according to the rules of the profession. If necessary, I take advice from a professional so that my customers may benefit from it.

A good collaboration with the agents who are likely to have potential purchasers is a guarantee of success... I am impartial with the real estate broker who sells concerning the share of the remuneration; therefore, your property will be more often proposed.

We work  together on a market strategy adapted according to the style of your property. I am convinced I will meet your requirements. 

Nothing  is more pleasant than to see a smile on the face of a satisfied customer !

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